Quibids Penny Auctions – Is Quibids Any Good?

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One of the largest penny auction sites on the internet is called Quibids. In fact, they’re so large, that they’ve just been brought up in a class action lawsuit (I believe they’re the first penny auction site to be sued). I was doubtful that I’d be able to win anything from their website, because let’s face it, the bigger penny auction sites usually have too much competition.

I signed up for Quibids anyway because I like to try most penny auction sites at least once, and Quibids seemed like a good choice since it was one of the biggest ones.

I purchased some bids and looked around the site. I was impressed with how many auctions they actually had for real products (not just gift cards). I guess that’s one of the advantages of the bigger penny auction sites.

I started bidding on a Toshiba Satellite 13.3-in Notebook when there was 5 seconds left on the clock, and the price was only at $8.88. Big mistake, the competition for this laptop was absolutely off the charts. No sooner than I’d place one bid, then I’d get barraged by a bunch of other bidders. I couldn’t win it without spending more than the retail price for bids, so I gave up.

I didn’t end up winning a single thing on Quibids. Not even a gift card. But I’m not going to sue them over it, I’m just not going to use them again.

What’s funny is that the guy who filed the lawsuit against Quibids, only ended up losing $50 worth of bids and then he decided to hire an attorney to sue them. That’s ridiculous, and I doubt he’ll win, but if he does he’s messing it up for all the legitimate penny auction sites I like to go to. The government will step in and regulate them and I’ll end up having to go back to eBay to pay pretty much the same as retail.

Anyway, truth be told, my advice is not to use Quibids because you probably won’t end up winning.

Quibids Penny Auctions - Is Quibids Any Good?, 2.5 out of 10 based on 24 ratings
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