Beezid Bonus Code – Should You Use Beezid For Penny Auctions?

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Beezid Review

One of the most recent penny auction sites I tested is called Beezid. Someone asked me to do a review on them and let them know how good they were. I’ve been using some really good penny auction sites like — BidCactus and BidRivals – but I wanted to find out if Beezid was also good. Here’s what happened:

I signed up for Beezid and I bought a fairly large bid pack – 200+ bids. I looked around at the different auctions going on and I was impressed to see that most of them were for high ticket products.  Other penny auction sites that I’ve used in the past (SwipeBids, Supreme Bids) seemed to ONLY have gift cards and free bids up for auction… which sucks. But on Beezid it looked like they had some top quality products, and I didn’t see too much competition for them. So right out of the gate I could say I was pretty impressed with Beezid.

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I started off by bidding on a new Sony FlatScreen Television on Beezid. Usually, I have a hard time winning the high ticket products on most penny auction sites, so I went into the auction thinking I wouldn’t win anything.  But after using up about 30 bids, and bidding back and forth against some user named Hero2298, I couldn’t believe what happened. I placed a bid, the countdown timer starting counting down 5-4-3-2-1, 0!!!! And I was declared the WINNER of a new Sony Flatscreen Television! This was amazing, I’d won some pretty big products from BidRack in the past, but I’d heard bad things about Beezid and was skeptical…

So what did I end up having to pay for the new T.V. by using Beezid?

Including the cost of bids, shipping charges, and the end auction price, I only ended up paying $54 for a T.V. that retails for over $2000!

I was still skeptical that I’d get the actual T.V.  delivered to me though, it felt like it was too good to be true. But after one week of waiting, I heard the knock at the door, and the guy from Fedex made me sign for my NEW SONY TV.  Whoever says Beezid is a scam doesn’t know what they’re talking about and is probably just one of their competitors.

Now I use two penny auction sites to get all the products I could ever want. I use Beezid and once in awhile BidRivals… The best part is that I’ve started selling a lot of products after I win them on sites like eBay and Craigslist, and I’m making a decent income from it. My recommendation is to start off with Beezid, and then try BidRivals if you need a fix for more auctions.

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The Verdict Is In - Beezid Is A Great Penny Auctions Site

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BidHere Scam – Is BidHere Another Scam?!

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You read about new penny auction sites emerging every single day. And they usually all have a different twist on the way penny auctions work. The most recent one that I saw on a news report was for a site called BidHere. It actually looked like a pretty decent site, but the only way to find out is to test them. So that’s what I ended up doing.

I signed up for Bidhere and purchased their bid package. I started bidding on several different gift card auctions, and was disappointed with the way they turned out. After using up all my bids, not only did I NOT win a single gift card, but I felt like I’d gotten completely ripped off.

The bidding against other people didn’t seem fair, and I felt like there were either bots or really crazy people bidding against me. Either way the outcome was the same, I didn’t win anything.

I don’t recommend people sign up with Bidhere because of this, and I hope people take my review seriously and do themselves a favor and sign up with a different penny auction site instead.

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Beezid Review – Why Beezid Is A Great Site

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There are several different things that make Beezid a penny auction site you should use. I’ve used a bunch of different penny auction sites recently, and some of them are definitely better than others. Choosing the right penny auction website can be the difference between winning something with the bids you buy or just wasting your bids. Here’s why Beezid is a top penny auction website:

The first reason Beezid is a great penny auction site is because they have a BBB accreditation of B+. That means, they’ve been independently reviewed by the BBB and turned out to be one of the better penny auction sites to use.

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A second reason Beezid is a great website is because they have a delivery guarantee. They guarantee to deliver the products to you within 17 days. In my experience, I’ve had products I’d won delivered to me within less than one week. But it’s good to see they guarantee their delivery times.

A third reason Beezid is one of the best penny auction sites, is because they have live chat support, and great customer service. They’ve always answered any questions I’ve had, and were happy to help me out.

Finally, the most important reason behind why Beezid is a great site, is that they have very low competition for products. I’ve found that out of all the penny auction sites I’ve used, Beezid was by far the easiest to win on.

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So if you’re wondering why I recommend Beezid on this website, then you should take a look at these things and decide if they’re important to you…

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ZipBids Scam – Why I Stay Away From ZipBids

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One of the penny auction sites that I’ve had the least success with is Zipbids. From what I’ve found, these guys have so much competition on their site, it’s not even funny. Apparently, I’m not the only one who found ZipBids to be impossible, many people have sent me messages about how I should stay away from them.

Here’s the main problem with Zipbids. They have wayyy too much competition. I bought a lot of bids (over 200), and I used them up in less than two hours. Did I have anything to show for them?

Not a single thing. I’ve heard complaints from people who tried getting refunds, and things of that nature, but I can’t confirm if any of it is true. All I know is that I won’t be using their site any time soon, and I advise you to try a different penny auction site instead.

Soon, I’ll talk about the warning signs of scam penny auction sites, so stay tuned for that blog post.

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Swoopo Review – Do Swoopo Penny Auctions Make You Tired?!

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A penny auction site that seems to always drain me of my energy whenever I work up the nerve to use bids on their site is Swoopo. I’ve made a commitment to myself to never use them again because in the rare instance that I do win a product, I’m completely beat after the auction.

If you’ve never gotten into head to head battles on penny auction sites, then you haven’t used Swoopo yet. It seems that every auction I try to get involved in ends in me getting pulverized by a troop of people who desperately need to win a gift card. Why they want to win a gift card that bad? Who knows.

In spite of the fact that Swoopo is a smaller penny auction site, there’s a tremendous amount of competition on there. Usually when you think of smaller penny auction sites, you think of less competition. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case with them.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have as many products up for live auction, but I’ve tried to win a wide variety of different products – gift cards, t.v.’s, laptops, etc… and I’ve had a lot of trouble winning anything on their site.

My opinion of Swoopo is that they might have good customer service and delivery times, but the competition on their site makes it almost impossible to win! Don’t use them.

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How To Find Penny Auction Websites That Are Good

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There’s a couple of things you should always be looking for before you sign up for penny auction websites. Otherwise, there’s a chance you could sign up for a more difficult website, or one that doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Here are some quick things you should keep in mind:

Always take about 10-30 minutes to watch the different live auctions that are going on to make sure they have products you’re looking for. Also pay attention to how many people there are bidding on the high ticket products. If you see a lot of people bidding, then there’s probably a lot of competition on the website. On the other hand, if you barely see anyone bidding it could mean that there’s something wrong.

One of the most important things you should do before signing up to any penny auction site is to look for a contact telephone number on the website. If you don’t see a phone number listed then chances are somethings wrong. Most penny auction websites will list a telephone number and an address you can contact them at if there are any problems.

Finally, make sure you do your research and search for reviews online before you sign up. Chances are there’s going to be a mix of positive and negative reviews. Make sure you read through some of the negative reviews to see if they have big problems.

If you take these things into consideration before signing up to a penny auction website then you should be okay.

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Penny Auction Strategies That Could Help You Win

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There are no hard and fast rules to winning penny auctions, and sometimes you won’t win an auction if other people are really determined to win the product you’re bidding on. But there are a couple different strategies you can try and implement to increase your chance of winning. Here are some of them:

Be the last one to place a bid. It sounds like the obvious course of action, but what I mean is to start bidding once the auction counts down to at least 10 seconds left. Don’t be the first bidder in an auction as there’s no point in penny auctions. They don’t work the same way as regular auctions – and that can fool a lot of people. Always try to place your bids at the last possible second.

Another strategy you can use if the penny auction website you’re bidding on shows people’s usernames is to get an intimidating reputation. How do you do that? When you first sign up for a website, find a product or item that everyone else wants, and bid on it until the very end. You’ll probably lose a lot of money doing this (so you need deep pockets), but people will think you’re crazy for continuing to bid until the end. They’ll most likely stay away from you in future auctions.

Those are just some of the strategies that can be used to help increase your chances of winning. Send me others you employ or think of.

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NailBidder Reviews – Should You Trust Nail Bidder?

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I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about a penny auction site called NailBidder. Apparently, there are ads all over the place in the form of ‘fake news reports’ saying how NailBidder is the best penny auction site to use. Unfortunately, this is all to con people into signing up and isn’t the truth at all.

From the research I’ve done I’ve found that NailBidder is one of the worst penny auction sites you could possibly use. Not only do they NOT have a customer support number listed on their site, but it seems that the only way you can contact them is through email….

Also, the live auctions they have are pretty pitiful. It’s definitely not a website I would sign up with if I was looking to win a new iPad or iPhone.

I can’t speak on their delivery times or bid packages, because I chose to stay away from their website and not actually purchase anything from them. If you’ve signed up in the past, or have an experience with Nailbidder that you’d like to share, please leave me a comment.

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BozBids Scam – Is BozBids A Complete Scam?

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A site called Bozbids has become popular among the people who are new to penny auctions. That’s because they entice you with their sales page, and are advertising all over the internet. But I wasn’t about to be a sucker to their sales page, I wanted to know whether or not they were legitimately a good penny auction site.

I went to sign up for their site, and was immediately turned off buy how they asked me for my credit card up front just for registering. I wanted to register just so I could take a look at the products they had up for live auctions, and instead they wanted me to give them my credit card information.

That set something off in my head, and I looked at their terms and conditions.  I found some things that didn’t sit well with me, so I decided against signing up altogether.

I don’t know how legitimate they are in terms of sending out the products, or how easy it is to win products on their website. But I will say that they have a customer service number, a live chat support button, and other information prominent on their site. Plus they guarantee 48 hour Fedex shipping of products, so if they fulfill that then that’s a bonus.

I’m not going to be signing up with BozBids any time soon, unless I find some information that says they are a good company to use. If you guys want to send me any info on them I’d highly appreciate it.

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BidRivals Review – Why BidRivals Is An Up And Coming Site!

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Rating: 7.6/10 (79 votes cast)

One new penny auction site that I’ve gotten to review that’s had me pretty impressed is BidRivals. These guys have great customer service, good delivery times, and even have a way for users to actually sell their own products in penny auctions. I think BidRivals is definitely going to go places in the near future, and become a top player in penny auctions.

I also liked the selection of products BidRivals had, but what really had me fascinated was their Super BidRivals program where you can pay the purchase price of a product and then sell it on their penny auction site. They take care of the delivery, selling, and everything else, and you get a 50% cut of the revenue.

I’ve had several products that I’ve won on BidRivals delivered to me within one to two weeks of paying for the shipping… So I can definitely say that they deliver the products to you in a timely fashion.

It’s also pretty easy to win on BidRivals — Not as easy as Beezid, but really easy nonetheless. If you’re just getting into penny auctions, you should probably wait before signing up for BidRivals. You’d be better off starting with Beezid and then moving onto BidRivals when you gain more experience.

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BidCactus Review – The TRUTH About BidCactus

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BidCactus is one of the better sites I’ve used in the past, but I no longer use them as much since I’ve found Beezid and Bidsauce. Here’s my brief review of BidCactus:

They’re a really good penny auction site, with great customer service but they have two main flaws.

Their first flaw is that there are a lot more power bidders using BidCactus than there were in the good old days. If you watch the auctions carefully, you’ll see that  a lot of the same people are winning over and over again. It wasn’t like that when I first started off using BidCactus, but now its become an uphill battle to win products.

The second major flaw that they have is that so many of the items up for auction on their site are gift cards and free bid packages. Whereas with other penny auction sites the gift cards are the easier items to win for beginners, on BidCactus the gift cards are just as hard to win as everything else.

But BidCactus isn’t all bad. They have a great reputation for customer service with the BBB, and they deliver products you win promptly. But now that more power bidders have flocked to their site, it’s getting harder and harder to win. I’d say stick with the other recommended penny auction sites if you’re just starting out.

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